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Part Of The Sky

There is a feeling, it begins within;
It feels like a place, that there is no sin:

There can be no feeling, but a feeling of love;
It is the feeling, that takes us above:

Above what we usually, feel as high;
It is the feeling, where we become part of the sky:

The sky my friend, and our earth below;
A part of all life, a part of the Flow:

A part that can enjoy, the exuberance in life;
the part that can enjoy, the absence of strife!

So if you want to enjoy living, which is what we do;
Go within yourself, that is a wonderful clue:

To go within, some of us needed a Key;
it was given by a boy, it was given free:

Now this boy is 50 years old;
and my love for him, springs from my very soul!

The gift of the soul, is given by him;
The boy with the Gift, The boy without sin:

The stars above, that shine with light;
Are dull in comparison, compared to our own inner Light!