Big difference

That which is for you a poem for me is not,

that which is a poem for me for you is not,

that which is for you a truth for me is not,

that which is a truth for me for you is not,

that which is for you a peace for me is not

that which is for me a peace for you is not,

that which is for you love, for me is not,

that which is for me love for you is not,

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The Moment of Everything


I am.
The moment of Everything.
Life is soft.


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there’s nothing standing between me and ecstasy

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Inner Rhapsody

Sometimes I feel that if I do not connect then I am not truly living.
I am going through the motions but not establishing that one tone
That can set all my strings in harmonic balance. The range of notes
Is extreme, yet I long to hear sounds above the normal spectrum and hone

lovers in a dangerous timeMy senses to concentrate on only one tentative melody that is playing
In the distance; and I am drawn, as if it were a sirens faintest song.
So once again all that I see before me disappears. The only reality
This need to absorb these hints of rapturous phrases. I know I belong

With this music. I know it is my heart that dances when I hear this beat.
Only this rhythm can fill me. Other music cannot attain these heights.
Only when the rarest musician and the rarest instrument have found
One another can this clarity of perfection be played.

When, ones sights Attune to this level of mastery, one may consider oneself supremely blessed.

This fortune is thought by most to not even be possible. The reality
Of this unified combination produces a composition that is simply out of this world.
It doesn’t have its basis in normal defined parameters, its inclusive totality

Encompasses ranges that can be heard as underlying base components.
Its measurement scale cannot be calculated. The instrument has the capacity
To influence the whole expression of the spectrum. The melody brings light
Into a space that once only held darkness. This is the power of rhapsody.

There is a joy that ushers forth when this symphony of symphonies is heard.
There is no equal to its glory. It captures your full attention and for this rapt time
Bliss escorts you into divine companionship. The fullness of union plays.
There is nothing else worth listening to.

Nothing else is anywhere near as sublime.

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Filament of Our Love

As long as i know who or what,

is the filament of my bulb,

everything is really fine,

i can always turn on

my sweet inner light,

i can dance with it,

with all my joy,

peace, love,


heart in two part harmony

through my breath, through my whole life,


i can dance

with your inner bulb,

if you too turn on your light,

but i can’t dance with your dark,

i can’t dance with my, or your past,

i can’t dance with our fears, anger or lust.

Filament of our life is lit in this moment now,

through whatever is done through it=grateful heart.

Stoyan Svet

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