The Indelible Orange of You

Indelible Moonscapes
Places we travel; things we know

the Insatiable Juice of the Orange of You.
parading in all of its Fine Contempt

Contempt for things worldly
contempt for the unbending Finger of Time
contempt for the abrasiveness of Modern Man

The Indelible Orange of You

We seek the softness of things that Fly
Things that Know their Home, their Righteous Country
their Place of Birth.

We seek the Meal that Satisfies
the Unquenched Caverns in the Labyrinth of Heartland
the Taste of the Delicate & Informed
Lessons of love.

The Wheel that Turns
the Time that Goes
the Tiny Hand
that paints the spiral Heavens
of the inner Canvas
that grows
and grows
and grows.

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Star / You / Are

you are dancing in the stars
you are not far
you are near
you are dear
you are here
you dance
the dance
dances itself
Tulips for Buddha
life is giving
wakefulness sojourn joyful butterfly
cast the sweetness
to the net to the sand to the bright sky
to the birds in your lovely eye
your lovely eye

your eyes are my stars

i am here
i am always
you know
you know this
know this only
this is only what you know
this is only
this is

And you will Receive ...

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Like a glance in a lake

I see my face

like the ugly duckling

for the first time

Like a baby’s smile unlined no guile

I see myself like it’s for the first time

When I’m with you I’m finally free of the doubts that hold me back…  relaxed.
My deepest longings are fulfilled in truth.

I see my sweetest reflections in you.

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