Comfortable With Existence

The other day I was admiring the view, open sky, ocean beyond, the verdant earthy profusion after the recent rains, and as I was appreciating how magnificent it all is, a distant hawk caught my sight.

I looked at this free flyer, and I wanted it to approach closer.
Then I thought this bird has excellent eyesight, and can see me perfectly well;
and as soon as that thought entered, he flew right over me, close enough
to completely gaze at one another.
I mean it really made me laugh, for here was awareness and instantaneous connection at its best.

The bird has come before, especially when it senses I am comfortably
locked into contentment, and just silently glides along,
performing an in tune rhythmic dance replicating how I feel.

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Death of a Maori Poet

Tree of Life, Company of TruthTree let your raised arms fall
nor extend your vain entreaties to the radiant ball.
This is no gallant monsoon’s flash,
no dashing trade winds blast.
The fading green of your magic
emanations shall not make pure again
these polluted skies…. for this
is no ordinary sun

– HONE TUWHARE 1922-2008
published this poem “No Ordinary Sun” about nuclear testing in the pacific, in 1964, in his first volume of the same name. It was re-printed 10 times. I can’t help thinking he was one of the spearheads of the nuclear free movement that defines New Zealand’s foreign policy today .

Let us allow peace to reign from the natural radiance within us all.
I used to have a little badge from friends of the earth ” World peace begins at home”. My 16 year old daughter wears it now. Where there is life there’s hope.

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