The Camana Hall in Lima, Peru

Lima downtown is an area than meets more than ten million people a day. The colorful crowd has received epithets such as “urban wildlife”, “concrete jungle” and several less poetic names, that describe, somewhat, its chaotic aspect. There can be seen, perhaps, the best and the worst of this stunning city, called “City of the Viceroys”.

The beautiful restored historic buildings, try to survive the smog that, merciless, covers them every day, with a layer of black pollution; and the noise of thousands of public service passenger cars is such a cacophony, which peaks among noontime to eight p.m. The scenes are worth of a Fellini’s film, disturbing the mood of walking people. It’s easy to feel alone among this concert.lima

In one of these busy streets of Lima, called Camana St., in the third block, Hugo Monroy, a loving student of Prem Rawat, operates the “Third Millennium” Restaurant, where, day by day he prepares delicious Peruvian food for regular customers in the area, with the help of secret recipes, inherited from his maternal grandmother.

In fact, these recipes are the only thing Hugo doesn’t share with anybody, because the rest of him is an open house at the disposal of his greatest passion: spread the message of Prem Rawat.

With the help of Maritza Espinoza, since 15 months ago, this restaurant-at-day becomes every Thursday and Sunday, a “Hall of Propagation” at night, reuniting a beautiful community who meet in these days according to a very specific schedule: Thursdays, at 7 pm, meet those who are watching the Keys and at 8 pm, introductory events take place. Usually, the ones who were watching the Keys remain at the introductory event. On Sundays, since 5 to 6:30 pm, there are introductory events.

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Life, and More Life…

today, I went to a funeral.

they’re now called memorials, or celebrations of life, rites of passage.

there are some mile-markers in life, in the monumental history of man, that never change, despite the changes in terminology and ornamentation that we apply on the outside.

this was the father of a good friend, a gentle and handsome man. a man truly wearing visible sweetness of the soul in his everyday demeanor.

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