Bermuda Tan

the small walk
the slight edge
the bursting balloon
the end of the diving board
feet first, feet first
i can fly i can swim i can dance i can try
i can die
i can live

there is no mother to hold you
when you leave the edge

the burning pains of travel
are your new Bermuda Tan

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Filament of Our Love

As long as i know who or what,

is the filament of my bulb,

everything is really fine,

i can always turn on

my sweet inner light,

i can dance with it,

with all my joy,

peace, love,


heart in two part harmony

through my breath, through my whole life,


i can dance

with your inner bulb,

if you too turn on your light,

but i can’t dance with your dark,

i can’t dance with my, or your past,

i can’t dance with our fears, anger or lust.

Filament of our life is lit in this moment now,

through whatever is done through it=grateful heart.

Stoyan Svet

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