The Sweetness of Life

2 am, and I definitely should be sleeping. NYC is quiet, rare for the city that never sleeps, but I can use this lull in activity, to gather my own composites for this composition.

I wanted to communicate about work, for I am driven, and determined to succeed, and it feels solid that I have such “backbone”. There have been momentary intervals where this has not been so; emotion taking the wind out of my sails, and without the wind of joy or vision, there is no smooth sailing.

Artistique Water Melding

Now despite the situation, I have turned towards discovering the resources in me, and pleasantly I am finding, that I have assets that can not only help pull me further up, but anyone else along with me who wishes to go. If I look closely, I have a lot of love, and the actual need to somehow pour this invisible substance out.

It is funny, cause outside, includes a universally vast amount of space. Nevertheless I want to fill that seeming emptiness, with light, or peace. I could choose to radiate any of the lesser qualities, and that reflection would have its marginal effect. However in the choice to generate goodwill, an equivalent required amount becomes readily available for distribution.

It is almost like we have an endless supply, and at any moment we can take from that source and act as a transmitter, so it actually flows to where it needs to go. I would say, if I wanted to have fun, and be in joy, being a light-bulb, would be my preferred career choice. I don’t mind physical hard work, however my prioritized field of choice, is to give from what I have.

I may not have an abundance of material resources, but I do have a wealth of wisdom that has been given as a gift to me. When one has such tools at ones disposal, it is wise to use them, for it will help the construction of that which you wish to build. Looking at it, we have the tool of Life, and it is rich, for Life indeed has generous attributes.

Life gives continuously, and it is we who can place ourselves in the midst of this surging spring, become enriched and refreshed, and then try to act as a funnel to allow some of this windfall to reach others. It is almost as if the waterfall is just pouring over and through, and like a river moves, taking us where it will. If we take our little boat and place it on the river, first we will be astounded by the clarity of the “water”, and how fast this flow actually is going. Once you consciously realize that the journey is afoot, you become quite mesmerized, for there is a lot of beauty on these banks, and because of your present speed, you can actually see and feel it.

At this point, one has no time to wonder where we’re going, because the ride is enjoyable in and of itself, why question the Captain. There just seems to be an overwhelming amount of gratitude, and one hopes you can be of service, to help others “get on board”. The problem is, everyone who has breath, is on the boat, so maybe the work is only to remind, so that this peace, can billow their sails too.

One really good thing about being in NYC, is that it is a global village. Everyone from everywhere is here, and I would say the cooperation level is admirable. Everyday that I go out into the midst of the “crowds”, I get happier, for I see that all these individuals, are really very beautiful. When we slow down enough to respect one another, smile at one another, support one another, it generates an enormous amount of contagious kindness.

It is simple and amazing but when you give it, it just comes right back and fills you more. That is why I would like to make this my profession, for it feels fantastic to exist as we were meant to; and to accept the gift, that is best suited personally for us, so that everyone may benefit. It is like being a certain kind of tree, and waking up to the fact one day, that oh … if I am tapped, I have maple syrup in me.

Now don’t you think that is really sweet of God, to give us this recognition. Not only do we get the thought, but the actual syrup … (see y’r up) too.

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