Following Your Bliss

Following Your Bliss
c 2008

Close your eyes
Observe as your dreams
And realities coincide


Dive the depths
Into the ocean
Far from all the senseless commotion


Into the sweetest of silence inside


We just need to remember this day
Remember it this way always

When we went to a place full of love
A space w
here there was nowhere else to go


Go see the world
You will never regret it
But don’t forget that
the limitlessness you seek



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Fulfillment is being held in the arms of that which has loved you since before you were born,

and the celebration of every breath in each moment of living …

Fulfillment is the banishment of all doubt and all fear by the force of an undefeatable love,which has always been and will always remain …

Fulfillment is eyes filled with clarity and a heart resting gently in an ocean of peace, which is home….Fulfillment is the light and melody of the song of truth which is eternally sung in the depths of the soul …
Fulfillment is the purest of healing waters, which has forever been rinsing the dust from the spirit, to clothe it in its own garments of beauty …

Fulfillment is the remembrance of that which has already been written.

Always was and forever will be.

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Surrounded by Certainty

In photography contrast is important, light illuminating the focused sector,with perhaps the rest in varying degrees of shadow.

Waiting For Godot
This understanding of light and dark, clarity and confusion, illustrates that not only do both occupy our space, but that we have choice which to give our attention to.

I can sit down to the inner practice that has been revealed, to those who have received this Knowledge, and in the beginning the likelihood of being distracted by thoughts is fairly standard.

However there comes a point where peace occupies the field and I am no longer thinking, for I have entered the state of feeling.

When this occurs you can rest, for you see that the barrage of your thoughts has nothing to do with reality, for eventually your ideas and concerns dissolve back into the ethers, and you are left simply breathing in beauty.

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