The Christmas of One


Solitude vs Ceremony.

Better Half of Christmas

And you wonder,
somewhere in the
cracks of uncertainty:
who is “Christ” in all this …
if this really, indeed celebrates
the birth of an enigmatic teacher,
then, where-oh-where
is Teacher and Teachings
in this recipe?

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The Moment of Everything


I am.
The moment of Everything.
Life is soft.


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Fulfillment is being held in the arms of that which has loved you since before you were born,

and the celebration of every breath in each moment of living …

Fulfillment is the banishment of all doubt and all fear by the force of an undefeatable love,which has always been and will always remain …

Fulfillment is eyes filled with clarity and a heart resting gently in an ocean of peace, which is home….Fulfillment is the light and melody of the song of truth which is eternally sung in the depths of the soul …
Fulfillment is the purest of healing waters, which has forever been rinsing the dust from the spirit, to clothe it in its own garments of beauty …

Fulfillment is the remembrance of that which has already been written.

Always was and forever will be.

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