Support & Clarity

There are two items on the Human Menu that became important for me today.

Support & Clarity.

The issue of “support” arose, because life is a challenge, period.  No matter who we are.  Everything from the basics of literal survival to the arrangements and intricacies of relationship, business contracts, living spaces, health struggles … and on and on.

In our societies, we are taught the value of “independence” as a strength.  Rely on self only.  Be strong.   Don’t depend or lean on others.  And yet, as human creatures, we are very fragile.  In fact, extremely fragile.   We break easily.  Our apple-carts get upset easily.  Because of this “independence” vein that’s programmed in there, and also because of the way societies are structured, we tend to get isolated easily.   Alone in our own little room, so to speak.

The point is, we need others.  We all need help along the way.   When the illusions we protect ourselves with wear thin, we see and feel and know our own vulnerability.   We need a hand to help us row the boat in the storm; but more than that, we need the voice to ask.  This is the tricky part.  Who wants to appear weak?  Helpless?  Homeless? In dire need?

The beauty of humans helping each other is that so much more can be done.  One plus one truly becomes eleven.  Two pairs of eyes, four pair of hands, a dozen strong legs … this type of spirit can truly build a city.

Clarity has to do with our purpose, our innate reason to be alive.

Most of us think that being alive has to do with fulfilling the fundamental mundane requirements of day-to-day life, being comfortable and happy due to a protective layer of material “padding” around us.   For some of us, this no longer works.

The answer to why we’re here has to be deeper.  It has to be more fundamental – it has to resonate with our “core”, our spirit, our true heart.   It just can’t be tied to the “fluff”, the packaging, the eye-candy, make-up and gimmicks that propel the market-driven world along day after day.

There’s a voice inside of us that longs to be heard; longs to be listened to attentively; longs to have those deep, silent necessities take wing, be expressed by the heart and to the heart.  We need not only to communicate with the deepest pearls inside our own “cave”, but we need also to bring those pearls out into the daylight – to celebrate them, to share them with others, to remind and affirm to our fellow travelers, that there is so much more to life than the mundane; there is so much more to feel, to drink deeply from, to celebrate, to share, to acknowledge.   There is a dance to do that we all wait for, long for, pray for.

This “dance” IS the essential reason, the central purpose of human life.  We know this in our core.  Not because it was part of our educational or parental programming, but because we were born with it, we came into the world with it.

So, how important IS this?  We, the weary travelers who come and go.  We, who know in our guts that we’re just passing through, that we really don’t belong here, that this is really NOT our true home.  How important is it to acknowledge the inner gift, the higher purpose, and to remind each other, so that we’re not lost and lonely in our isolated little rooms of discontent, attempting to “manage” the unmanageable – the meaningless day-to-day trivial pursuits that drain us, frustrate us, and exhaust us …?

Clarity: knowing self, reminding self, reminding others.

Every tiny spark of light helps us all see the way.

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The Change into Self

I was speaking with someone and the topic of selfishness came up.

So I have a few things that have rambled through my head on this particular subject, and I wanted to jot them down, in case there was anyone who had an interest. Also because sometimes when you are too full, one needs to empty the glass so it can be cleaned and made useful for some other draught.

Being “selfish” is a big subject, as the self naturally tends to want to know itself. In the usual sense we have crammed the self with information and goods, till really it cannot stand alone as it naturally is, for it has so many attachments, like some massive octopus with all these suckers attached to its arms. Give me, give me, give me, has become the human beings main motto.

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