I Won’t Waste

Life’s not passing any faster
My life won’t last forever
All I have is now
The breath that I’m allowed.

I get disoriented
Confuse the past and the future with the present
Love’s still the open door
True love’s worth working for

I won’t waste a single breath
or waste a day that I have left
The air I breathe is free
as winds of fate brought you to me
Love remains the key
Each day I pray… I won’t waste.

When I slow down I come around to see
What each breath means to me
Without you life would be… completely empty.

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Warm Houses



By Melissa Gordon Rhine © November 2006

There’s a house

deep inside the woods

Where you and I

Can live out our days

Constantly amazed, that we found each other

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He explains the immortal

Yes this experience is all about your breath,

but sincerely said it is much more than that,

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Holding the song

gold grass
around the pool

breath’s flute fills

& empties

It makes me weep
to feel how much holding.
(draw your mouth to my ear)

What do I wait for, Love?
One chord, one tone.

One song,

mine alone.

from the CD of poems,
Holding the Song, wiredonwords

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