Jingle Bells
We go as Plaid Men;
Riding in Twisted Cargo
Smoking Cigars on a Green Fern Embargo.
We rise for the Sun & Decay in the Dawn
our Faces are Strawberries; our Fingers are Gone

We go as Plaid Men, we rise up as Nuns
we cave in as Children, Lovers, Cinnamon Buns
There is nothing to Stop us, We’re never in Heat;
We shave our sweet faces and swallow Burnt Meat
Our sisters before us have Salvaged the Road,
The Innocent meet Strangers, the Silver buys Gold.
The Dawn of Intention, heals the midnight Decay;
We go as Plaid Men
as Housewives we stay.

Been There Before ...

Jingle Bells
Sing our Moments’ Repent
The Serpent sinks in Leather
The Kitchen Water is Spent
The Dollar is Sideways,
A coin in the Lock
The Only Key we could Turn
was the Face of the Clock

We go as Plaid Men
Twisted in Corks
we sing our songs sideways
and eat Knives & Forks
The song that we Knew
is the one we Forgot
as the Ancient of Mariners
Drowns at the bottom of the Pot

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The Elephant and the Flea

Once upon a time, there was a most magnificent elephant.  This elephant was the strongest animal in the land.   Its wisdom was beyond the wisdom of any of the other creatures that lived near it, although it did not condescend to any of those other creatures.  It knew, of course, that somewhere in them also was the same wisdom, which the elephant itself relied on.


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In Defense of a King

Established Warrior of LordsWarrior man, do not despair,
you are not involved in a game of solitaire

It is the strength of your heart which pulls tight your bow,
it takes the fires of love to defeat your foe

Available to you, is the power behind every breath,
an ultimate tool, which determines even life and death

You will not be defeated, if you understand these words,
It is the ocean, not the drop, whose power conquers …


Once long ago, before the stories of the great round table, there were kings. To wear the crown of king was a thing of consequence, and there were only a few true kings. A true king is a master, in touch with the mysteries of life and sworn to obey only the highest laws of light. This is what makes a man a king.

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The Beggar and the Rich Man

IndiaOnce upon a time, in the ancient city of Calcutta there lived two men. These men had never formally met, but saw each other on the street almost everyday. One was a very rich man named Ababa. The other was a beggar named Saoel. The rich man was dressed in the finest silk and his cloak was embroidered with the finest gold thread. The beggar wore only rags and his feet were calloused and tough from having walked many miles with no shoes. On the face of Ababa were lines of worry and stress mixed with the look of importance and prominence. On the face of Saoel there was a look of innocence and joy.

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Rumi and Kabir Bowling

RumiAUTHOR’S NOTE: Last year, as I understand it, Rumi was the best selling poet in the United States — 800+ years after he was alive. Amazing, eh? Clearly, there is something timeless and universal in his words. Kabir, too, is still being widely read — as is Hafiz, Gibran, and a host of other ecstatic poets from times gone by. Many people assume these guys must have been praying, meditating, and going on pilgrimages all the time. I don’t think so. All one has to do is read their poetry to see how down to earth they were, how irreverant, and how funny. Anyway…this next piece is an homage to Rumi and Kabir — my little fantasy of how the two of them might have spent an evening — in a bowling alley — if they were still alive today. (Read it aloud for maximum value). Enjoy!

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The Frustrated Wizard [ A Tale of Magic ]

The Frustrated Wizard

Jasant was the most incredibly talented young wizard in the mystery school on the planet of Mer that the masters had ever seen.  He held the hope of the whole of earth.  His mother had recognized his talents when he was still a babe and brought him before the high council, which ruled earth at that time.

servantThe council recognized his incredible potential and after much deliberation chose him to travel to Mer to attend the most prestigious mystery school in the Universe.  Their hope was that he would realize his potential and return home to bring peace to the constant conflict, that the people of earth were experiencing.

Mezant was the mystery school, which lay hidden many light years from earth in the center of a galaxy, which most other worlds knew nothing about.  The masters who taught there had lived thousands of lives on many planets and had assembled there to teach from the experiences and wisdom that they had gained. 

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