I Quit TV

Yesterday, I quit watching TV.


I got this great “communications” package a few months back from one of our local magnanimous Communications Giants.  Phone, internet and TV all for a ridiculous price.  How kind of them.

It even includes a “Personal Video Recorder”, which hums incessantly in the background of my apartment.  Apparently, you can use this device to record the little gems you missed on the 500-channel universe, while you were too busy wasting your time with other distractions.

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The Moon In Cancer

I am in Caregiver Mode.

Someone close to me was recently diagnosed with cancer.

This has stirred up a lot of things. The life that we live is largely routine. Even the ways we try to get deeper, more ‘inside’, more ‘connected’, becomes a routine. Then suddenly something knocks on our door. A wake-up call. These things happen.

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There is only one place where there are no disturbances. As long as I remain
Still in the center, peace will settle the ripples, creating a continued flow of balance.
Remaining steadfast to the strength that ever upholds me, I can relax, assured
Of my ability to maintain in clarity regardless of those energies not in alliance


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