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In photography contrast is important, light illuminating the focused sector,with perhaps the rest in varying degrees of shadow.

Waiting For Godot
This understanding of light and dark, clarity and confusion, illustrates that not only do both occupy our space, but that we have choice which to give our attention to.

I can sit down to the inner practice that has been revealed, to those who have received this Knowledge, and in the beginning the likelihood of being distracted by thoughts is fairly standard.

However there comes a point where peace occupies the field and I am no longer thinking, for I have entered the state of feeling.

When this occurs you can rest, for you see that the barrage of your thoughts has nothing to do with reality, for eventually your ideas and concerns dissolve back into the ethers, and you are left simply breathing in beauty.

This is important, if in your life, you want to remain in an inner equilibrium.

How easy is it to be overwhelmed, or worried? With all that we are juggling in our lives, we sometimes can’t quite catch up to ourselves, and the awareness that we are forgetting the basic core of fulfillment within, can prod us to seek that state where contentment dwells.

Personally every day I need to retreat back to me. I enjoy the work I do, I love listening to music and interacting with people, but there comes a point, where I need that time of quiet to go back home to peace.

MoonShineEntering that sanctuary within, affords me a height that I can access. It is like going to your rooftop garden that is laden with flowers, where only a moment before you were enclosed in your apartment.

Instead of the confines of thought constrictions, you enter spaciousness, an elevation of sense and mood, a rarefied air, a level where you leave the house behind, and fairly float in an atmosphere that assuredly lifts you to a beauty undefined, but you can feel it cover you.

Transported as it were to a remembrance, of how magnificent is the miracle of your life. Now you no longer forget, caught in the entanglements of multiple problems, but here, within your own foundation of security, remains a safety that come what may, will ever abide with you.

This assurance, this humble abode of completion, fills you with peace. Held in loves arms, each breath is your secure acknowledgement that you, like the lotus, will be held above the muddy waters.

Imagination has nothing to do with this. This is known understanding, This is an absolute feeling of being in heaven, while still being here on Earth. This is achieving the mountaintop, experiencing the radiance, being refreshed by the fragrant cool air, and yet physically you are still sitting in your living room, but you sense you are traveling at the speed of light.

This contrast between the mortal and the immortal, is where we exist.  Form is definitely substantial, but our consciousness is not bound by matter, it somehow transcends our flesh to soar as spirit. It is like a bird that is walking around on the ground, and then effortlessly lifts off, and elegantly flies away.

There is a gratitude that is so immense that you cannot explain. It is like a vast ocean with the sun glittering on it, and you, you’re at the heart of it.

Rock Shelf
Being fulfilled is like that. Each breath becomes a lavish gift. You couldn’t ask for anything more, because you are immersed in everything.

Unity prevails, the preponderance of duality vanishes, the clouds disperse, and it is clear, crystal clear.

This is how our lives are meant to be, and you know, no matter what drama plays on the outside, this is how each of our lives is. We just need the veils to be lifted, and by greatest fortune that is available to anyone who has that thirst to know this everlasting truth.