Big Soul in Small Shoes

Difficult Dust
I am a Single Poem
Prone to Rust
I am a Rotting and Fragrant Fruit
On your Tree of Souls
A clean and fluffy Laundry Item
on the Great Clothesline of the Sky
Washed once, Washed twice
Hung out to Dry
An Ace of Hearts, a Throw of the Dice
A river of Intent – a Jacuzzi of Ice
I’m all over the Map, looking for Home
Head in the Stars, worn to the Bone
I’m not going Far
A throw of the Stone
Difficult Dust
Single Poem
Prone to Rust
On the way Home.

We Ride the Tides of Implicit Intention

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Star / You / Are

you are dancing in the stars
you are not far
you are near
you are dear
you are here
you dance
the dance
dances itself
Tulips for Buddha
life is giving
wakefulness sojourn joyful butterfly
cast the sweetness
to the net to the sand to the bright sky
to the birds in your lovely eye
your lovely eye

your eyes are my stars

i am here
i am always
you know
you know this
know this only
this is only what you know
this is only
this is

And you will Receive ...

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