Art Of The Eternal Sun

art of the eternal sun
you have touched me

all i can hold
all i can be
all i can contain

this spills from silent lips
to waiting ears
the palace of sound
the river of softness
the walkway of substance
the dance of ‘amazing’

art of the eternal sun
you have held me
for a million years
hold me now
hold me again
hold me forever

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Moments With You

Precious gazes pierce my mind

I remember every second

Cherished most among my time

Mastered laughter free with bliss

Showers of the sweetest kisses

Warmest memories coming through

It’s been a gift every single moment with you


You taught me the meaning of love

The easiness and difficulty of

Standing strong when life calls upon you

With dignity I live a life in love with truth

Light of my life

It is my privilege

It is my privilege

To be true to my moments with you

I love you.

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