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The ways the human spirit moves, is a flag in the wind. Tibetan prayer flags high on the forbidden plateau. Proud national flags in gardens of guns and roses. Tattered artistic flags with beautiful threads of gold and silver, arcing gently in soft winds.

Flags in sunset, flags in sunrise. Flags with curious symbols; flags with ears and eyes. Flags freshly born; flags ready to die; flags at half-mast, full-mast… flags that reach for, and long for the sky.

We move as people; we move as seas. The life that pulses through us, asks us to celebrate with ease. One might ask: with the ease and beauty and sweetness and depth of Breath Itself, where do we get lost from the True Dance — The Only Dance There Is .. ?

Simplicity is sweet. We know this, innately. Secretly. Instinctively. Beautifully. It is written in our deepest book. We look at a puppy dog, a flower, a brilliant cloud, the smile of a child. All that this promises is life itself. All that this reflects is life itself. All that this advertises, sings of, pays tribute to, is life itself. We know this, we know this. We know that life itself is beautiful. We know that life itself is sweet. We know that life itself is honorable, courageous, bold, romantic, and … good. Good in its heart, its soul, its substance.

The wheels of mind, ego, and pain-body drive mankind. There is no mercy in this. No redemption. No understanding, no wisdom, no rhythm, no nourishment, no reflection of essential humanness. It is a wheel of ignorance, deception and illusion. It traps the human spirit in rags, not magnificence. It paints us with greed, fear, panic, emptiness, seperation and misery.

The simple and sweet music that lives deep in the heart of all humans is the only food that will relieve this hunger. It is the only balm that will relieve the ongoing wound and irritation of ignorance. It is the only language that all humans understand, because is is not a language based on words; it is based on feeling. As individuals, it is our right, our privelege and our choice to know this beauty, this inner wind, this food of our own soul, this map of our own pathway in life, this sweet song that we can all sing, because we all know the wordless words, the tuneless tune, the unsmiling smile of the compassionate love that wells in our own hearts.