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By Melissa Gordon Rhine © November 2006

There’s a house

deep inside the woods

Where you and I

Can live out our days

Constantly amazed, that we found each other

Where we still believe

In trying our best

And leaving the rest outside

Trying, not buying into current taboos

Or the neighbors’ exceptionally short fuses or abuses

Even the trees

believe in you and me

Bravely standing

the tests of time

Even the Yellow River

flows and quivers

with its own

love song, passing the time..


Warm houses vibrate

With all fashions & passions of love

Filled with gratitude

For every breath with you

Inside this warm house.


We’re by no means perfect

Or without our sins

I’m no perfect lady and you’re no perfect gentleman

And this isn’t manly

So I hope this comes out right

This is my privilege to live here as your wife.