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There are Bowls
There are Drawers here
There are Hidden Shapes & Accessories

There are Small Kingdoms in Passing Moments
There is a Treasury of Doubt
and the Currency of the Inner Smile

There is Me Here
and there is You.

You: The one I have lost & found,
lost and found, lost & found.

Me: the one who stands
on Solid Ground
and spins around
and around
and around.

And then, there is the Sound.
The sound of Naked Waterfalls
filled with Diamonds of the Sun.
The sound that bubbles up
from deep inside the Ground.
The Hum of a Million Birds
The Stampede of the Butterflies of the Heart.


All is Sudden.
All is Changing.
The Ancient takes constant Birth
in the Soft Glove
of the Eternal Moment.