The Beloved

In our Daily conversations,
our Wanderings,
There are words that come up
and Words that Fall Down.

There is a Life Lived between Sentences,
A fragrance in the Dots, the Pronouns,
the Fresh Morning Adjectives.

We speak of Love rarely in our Lives,
As though Love is a Four-Letter word,
discouraged through Generations of History,
Frowned-Upon by the Mentors of an
Technicality-Hungry culture.

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The White Dove

The White Dove

white dove

When the only words you know are “I can’t”,
and you’re afraid to take a chance,
It is then,
that the white dove,
on a branch

When a lonely child sings,
and the sound of freedom rings,

white dove number two

It is then,that the white dove,

spreads its wings

When a mother smiles,

as her newborn baby opens its eyes,

It is then,

that the white dove,

takes to the skies

dove - sky

When a tired old man sighs,
and a soldier breaks down and cries,

It is then, that you know,
the white dove’s, on the rise

When a broken heart opens its door,
and lets the voice of love roar,

It is then, that the white dove,


When hatred dies,
and we stop with all the lies,

It is then,

that white doves,

fill the skies !

White Dove Inspects the Universe

I actually wrote this as a song, but it does nicely as a simple poem also.

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The Change into Self

I was speaking with someone and the topic of selfishness came up.

So I have a few things that have rambled through my head on this particular subject, and I wanted to jot them down, in case there was anyone who had an interest. Also because sometimes when you are too full, one needs to empty the glass so it can be cleaned and made useful for some other draught.

Being “selfish” is a big subject, as the self naturally tends to want to know itself. In the usual sense we have crammed the self with information and goods, till really it cannot stand alone as it naturally is, for it has so many attachments, like some massive octopus with all these suckers attached to its arms. Give me, give me, give me, has become the human beings main motto.

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Time Will Say

Time Will Say

By Melissa Gordon Rhine c September 2008


Time will say
the words

that neither you nor I


You know that love must win
either way

whether we decide this is the end..
or we find the inner strength to begin again..
time will say



Patience has its own private toll road
History’s the price paid as the truth unfolds

in the natural order of living things
while changes spring in everything


Love won’t be intellectualized
in the fiery looks from familiar eyes

Love’s been there since my first sight of you
Since.. my first.. sight of you..



Time has a language all its own
with dedicated lines we learn to follow it home

I hear the answers in the beating of my heart
I’d follow the road where we’d never part

This can go either way…
nly time will say

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inside out

beauty inside beauty
all we can see
more we can be

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Moments With You

Precious gazes pierce my mind

I remember every second

Cherished most among my time

Mastered laughter free with bliss

Showers of the sweetest kisses

Warmest memories coming through

It’s been a gift every single moment with you


You taught me the meaning of love

The easiness and difficulty of

Standing strong when life calls upon you

With dignity I live a life in love with truth

Light of my life

It is my privilege

It is my privilege

To be true to my moments with you

I love you.

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