The Moon In Cancer

I am in Caregiver Mode.

Someone close to me was recently diagnosed with cancer.

This has stirred up a lot of things. The life that we live is largely routine. Even the ways we try to get deeper, more ‘inside’, more ‘connected’, becomes a routine. Then suddenly something knocks on our door. A wake-up call. These things happen.

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The Not-So-Grim Reaper

When my daughter was very young and scraped her knee while playing, as kids do, or had a fever, I would ‘kiss it better’, sing her a song, and reassure her that everything would be OK.

birdShe accepted this without question.  I was her mom, and in her eyes, I could heal.

A few years ago when my doctor said “I have some very bad news for you”, I was terrified, frozen with shock. Cancer.

“But, I eat so well, I stay active, meditate! I’m a peaceful person!” Suddenly my life was filled with teams of doctors and I had to think about treatment options. The decisions seemed impossible to make.

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