The Place of the Lovers

My love, I have searched for you
in so many shadowed faces
looked through the rags and rich velvet cloth
of so many different places……
that I thought I would die of the thirst of
missing YOU

My love, I have spent past days and nights
in separation, the loneliness of which,
has starved my soul to a perfection of humility
and has taught me the simplicity of a single prayer,

heart in two part harmony

My love, I have come to such a pure place of emptiness,
with every tear spent,
with every word, silenced
with every thought turned useless….
left with only the magnificence of wanting YOU

Yes, my love……I wait,
in this completion of silence
in this unconditional surrender….
not to beg,
nor to manipulate,
not to speak,
nor to sing,
but to wait…..
with the fullness of the inevitability…..

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The White Dove

The White Dove

white dove

When the only words you know are “I can’t”,
and you’re afraid to take a chance,
It is then,
that the white dove,
on a branch

When a lonely child sings,
and the sound of freedom rings,

white dove number two

It is then,that the white dove,

spreads its wings

When a mother smiles,

as her newborn baby opens its eyes,

It is then,

that the white dove,

takes to the skies

dove - sky

When a tired old man sighs,
and a soldier breaks down and cries,

It is then, that you know,
the white dove’s, on the rise

When a broken heart opens its door,
and lets the voice of love roar,

It is then, that the white dove,


When hatred dies,
and we stop with all the lies,

It is then,

that white doves,

fill the skies !

White Dove Inspects the Universe

I actually wrote this as a song, but it does nicely as a simple poem also.

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With no demand

Love’s face

has taken her place

she smiles from behind my eyes

she’s wearing me as her disguise

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The inhale and the exhale of the moment of now

Last month, I received “the call”. My sister announced that my father was terminally ill with an advanced and particularly aggressive type of prostate cancer.

My first reaction was shock and then the grief set in. My father, who raised me with no partner, who taught me to search from the earliest days of childhood for TRUTH is dying.

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I’m asking you, please

Lift me high,

Lift me high,

’til my fingertips touch the sky

I’m asking you


lift me high.

clouds & sky

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