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An Adventure

There is an adventure, greater than any other, which takes no plane, no ship, and requires no ticket to enter.

There is a place, my friends, to fly with no wings, to rest without sleeping and to journey without walking. Having only one requirement, which is to enjoy, I ask you, “Do you remember having the heart of a child?”

Do you remember the delight of a swing as we strove to pump ourselves higher and higher, jumping through the air and laughing with glee to fly weightless and free for only one brief second?

Do you remember twirls, dances without music and swirls of somersaults down grassy hills tumbling end over end ?

Do you remember the delight of being awake, early rising with no alarm clock, awakened by excitement, to see what a day would bring?

Do you remember straining to keep our eyes open because there was so much to discover, living without plans, with no agenda, unaware of any schedule and time simply unfolding ?

Heart of Joy

Do you remember the secret gardens we discovered, the sweet tastes of icicles and rain water? Do you remember the baking warmth of the sun and the crunch of frozen snow under our boots?

Do you remember the magic of a ball bouncing, a skipping rope, the expertise in tree climbing, sitting among the leaves and peering down on the world ?

Do you remember the curiosity of watching bugs crawl, the wonderful chase of butterflies and the capture of fireflies?

Do you remember your wide eyed innocence, your endless curiosity, your unlimited capacity to feel and to enjoy?

There is still another adventure, greater than any other, a place waiting to be discovered, whose only requirement is that you remember…………… your free pass to enter, is the heart of a child !