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The White Dove

white dove

When the only words you know are “I can’t”,
and you’re afraid to take a chance,
It is then,
that the white dove,
on a branch

When a lonely child sings,
and the sound of freedom rings,

white dove number two

It is then,that the white dove,

spreads its wings

When a mother smiles,

as her newborn baby opens its eyes,

It is then,

that the white dove,

takes to the skies

dove - sky

When a tired old man sighs,
and a soldier breaks down and cries,

It is then, that you know,
the white dove’s, on the rise

When a broken heart opens its door,
and lets the voice of love roar,

It is then, that the white dove,


When hatred dies,
and we stop with all the lies,

It is then,

that white doves,

fill the skies !

White Dove Inspects the Universe

I actually wrote this as a song, but it does nicely as a simple poem also.