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This past weekend I attended a two-day event with a speaker named “Prem Rawat” at the Palace Theater in Albany, NY. As always, I enjoyed the experience immensely.

On the way home, I started thinking about why, specifically, I enjoy being with him as much as I do — and how I might describe these benefits to others, especially those intrigued by Prem’s message, but not totally sure it’s for them.

Well… at the risk of trying to explain the unexplainable, here goes:

34 Reasons Why I Like Being with Prem Rawat…

1. I breathe more deeply
2. It becomes very easy to savor every moment
3. I stop judging myself and everyone else
4. Time slows down
5. I listen from a still place inside me
6. I feel like I’m dancing when I walk — or at least, gliding
7. I laugh uncontrollably
8. I cry tears of joy
9. I stop worrying
10. I like what I see when I look in the mirror
11. I have a lot more fun than usual
12. I experience timelessness
13. Everything seems perfect just the way it is
14. I let go of self-consciousness
15. I feel like I’m being massaged from the inside out
16. I move in tune with a hidden music
17. I see how peace is possible for the entire planet
18. I feel like he’s talking just to me
19. I am grateful for everything
20. I want to serve
21. I feel whole and complete
22. I feel a vast spaciousness
23. I live in the present moment
24. Everything is profoundly simple
25. I rededicate myself to the practice of Knowledge
26. I stop trying to improve myself
27. I lose my need to gain anyone’s approval
28. I am content
29. I come from my heart, not my head
30. Life feels like a party
31. I let things come to me – and they do
32. I feel more authentic
33. I realize I have no problems
34. I feel like I’m totally home

PS: Feel free to add to this list by posting a comment – your own ”reasons“ why it’s good being in this amazing state…

Excerpted from The Heart of the Matter