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Believe me or not,

from our birth you and i,

we were trained like a dog,

trained in what is right and what is wrong,

trained in what is good and what is bad,

trained in who is and who isn’t our god.

Believe me or not,

in whatever religion “my god”

is always better than yours,

your god is of course false,

that’s why in our history

we have so many wars.

For whatever bad i did, or said,

i have been punished like a dog,

and for whatever good i did, or said,

i have received some kind of reward,

how sad, true freedom nobody taught.

Thank goodness here is a man who teaches,

how i can feel my freedom within,

which doesn’t depend on what i believe,

which doesn’t depend on my right and wrong,

which doesn’t depend on who, or what is my god,

i just need to understand my own inner peace,

i just need to understand my own sweet breath.

In it there is my love.

Stoyan Svet